HR Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

You must be a people-oriented person if you want to pursue a career in Human Resource. So if you’re the meek and timid type, you might have to re-assess yourself first if you really want this kind of job. An HR job is customer service base, that’s why if you hate dealing with people, you can’t be effective in assuming this position. But if you love to help people, Human Resource may be the best department you can belong to.

HR jobs in Canada can be easy to find if you know where to look for them. Most online job sites can provide you a wide coverage of industries that need Human Resource personnel. At entry level point, the best position to go for is an HR assistant. This position will teach and give you first-hand experience with regard to the fundamentals of HR management. But of course, you must have prior skills and knowledge to be eligible for the job.

Basic written and verbal communication skills are the among the qualifications. Thus, you must not only speak but also write well. Because of this, companies don’t only hire people with Human Resource academic backgrounds but also those communications or English majors. Previous writing experience is also a plus factor. Aside from customer service skills, you must also be highly organized and interested to perform administrative tasks. And because you’re living in the computer age, you must be adept in computer applications and the World Wide Web.

Since an HR job involves people, it’s also best to have a huge amount of patience. People have different personalities, so you must know how to deal with it.

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