Construction Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

A shortage in skilled construction workers is being experienced now in Canada. Realizing that they are lagging behind other countries in the construction industry, Canada has opened its doors for hardworking, skilled men from other countries.


Some of the workers needed by the Canadian construction industry include carpenters, bricklayers, welders, pipefitters, plumbers, plasterers, electricians, and painters.

Probably the most popular men of the construction team, carpenters create the foundation that will eventually be the infrastructure. All of the woodwork are done by carpenters using hand tools such as hammers and saws. Bricklayers, on the other hand, arrange the position of the bricks that make up the wall. Other parts of the construction like doors, windows, steps, and arches are made by bricklayers as well.

In demand construction jobs in Canada also include welding and pipefitting. Welders specialize in the connection of metal components with fillers through the application of heat and pressure, while pipefitters install the building’s piping system. Manipulation of some equipment like heaters, sprinklers, and steamers are made by pipefitters as well.

Additional Work Available

Another construction worker with water-related tasks is the plumber. The plumber maintains the water and waste disposal systems of the construction. Structural forms like bridge parts, pressure vessels, and machinery frames are created by welders. Meanwhile, plasterers apply layers of plaster into partitions, ceilings, and interior walls for a smooth finish.

For the electrical wiring design of the entire construction, electricians are the ones to deal with this kind of task that requires some expertise. Painters, on the other hand, add color and life to the building. Coloring and designing jobs, which include application of paint and setting of wallpapers, are executed by painters.

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