Nursing Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

The constant decrease in the unemployment rate and the continuous appreciation of the monetary unit attracted a huge pool of people who wanted to pursue their nursing career in Canada. Overseas nurses are welcomed by the country with open arms due to its shortage in man power exhibited by having skilled workers aged 25 to 44 years old comprising only 32% of its entire population. The basic requirements The basic

Trucking Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

The trucking industry is perhaps one of the most important participants in keeping the various businesses work properly in Canada. If not for the trucking companies, a huge amount of products and trucking services, if all were not attended to, could have presented a very huge impact in the delaying of operations and failure in meeting manufacturers demand. It is for this reason that the trucking industry should also be

Medical Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

A career in medicine proves to be a very attainable profession in Canada, thanks to the various hospitals and medical institutions that offer countless opportunities to deserving medicine graduates. This is not to mention the great number of reliable companies that hire only the best and most knowledgeable nurses and physicians all over Canada. Are the jobs easy to find? Apparently, some reports show that the country definitely needs more

Oil Sands Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

Canada is currently one of the richest nations in the world, with an economic growth forecast of above 2% for the year 2008. Of course it has derived this wealth from the country’s industries, one of which is the oil sands industry, particularly in Alberta. The province has one of the world’s largest petroleum reserve as well as the United States of America’s largest oil supplier, the Athasbasca Oil Sands

Engineering Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

Infrastructure is one of the major economic indicators. That is why the government places much emphasis on it nowadays. And that is also why whichever revolution the world is currently on, the need for engineers remain constant not just in Canada but also in the rest of the world. What is This Revolution All About? The world is said to have gone through three eras: ancient, modern, and postmodern. These

SAP Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

What is the key to a company’s success? There are many answers, but of all these, one is constant: communication. Communication is the process of sending and receiving information with the intention to build or change. Since companies are generally made up of divisions other than superior and subordinate, like the human resources department, the finance department, and the customer relations department, developing a system that will link these divisions

IT Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

Our generation belongs to the postmodern era, which is characterized by a revolution in the communications industry. This revolution is reflective of our thirst for information that has brought forth the development of electronic mass media and the more interactive information technology or IT systems. Since we are currently in the postmodern era, we can say that the foremost determining factor of a robust economy is information technology advancement. This

Healthcare Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

Most overseas job openings nowadays feature medical professions, with nurses predominating. You ask, “Why nurses?” Ever wondered why some company or school clinics have nurses but don’t have doctors? It is because nursing is said to be the most irreplaceable profession. Perhaps it is in the way they nurse soldiers of their wounds when they’re gunned down from battle. Or maybe it is when they bathe and bring newborn babies

Physician Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

Healthcare professionals are those whose job description is to care for their patient’s health. Enough said. So now, let’s shift our talk to one of the most popular, familiar, and bell-ringing fields in the healthcare industry–that of a physician’s. A physician is a medical practitioner. When we say medical practitioner, we mean that he or she is an expert in one field of medicine. That’s quite broad, so let us

Finance Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

This time, let us talk about the profession of those who are fond of figures, digits, numbers, whatever they’re called; the heaven for arithmetic connoiseurs, finance jobs! What Professions Fall Under The Finance Jobs Category? Just to guide you through this, here is a list of some of the Canadian job postings that fall under the finance jobs category: Accountants Bookkeepers Auditors Bank Branch Managers Credit Analysts Finance Directors Revenue