Airline Jobs in Lower Mainland BC

The closest thing that you can do to fly is to have an airline job. Even if you don’t become a pilot or a flight attendant, you’ll have flight benefits for sure. And you don’t only live your dream alone, but you can even bring your family.

Job Types

If you have always dreamed of an airline job, you have basically three exciting jobs to choose from. These are as a pilot, flight engineer, flight attendant, and an aircraft mechanic or maintenance technician. Airline jobs in Canada can never be hard to find because of various airline types available.

Canadian Airlines

You can choose from major airlines (national, regional, or low-cost airlines), cargo airlines, on-demand or corporate charter airlines, as well as holiday airlines. The most popular airline names you might hear are Air Canada, Air Canada Jazz or Jazz Air, WestJet Airlines, CargoJet, Air Canada Jetz, or Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter.

If you have really set your mind in pursuing an airline career, you can join the annual aviation career fair so you can get more information. Normally, you can attend this event for free. This is a great opportunity for anybody who plans to have a career in the airline industry.

Finding work

For information about airline jobs in Canada, browse through the Internet or you can also subscribe to job websites. You can also try searching for the website of the airline of your choice to find out more about their current job openings and their requirements. Some websites allow you to submit your application online.

If you feel that you’re not skilled enough yet, work on it first before you finally do apply.

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