3 Reasons To Link Out To External Websites

These days, bloggers are so afraid to link out to other blogs. They want to hoard their link juice for themselves, because they think that Google will penalize them for linking out. Or the thinking is that linking out will cause your visitors to leave your site, never to return again.

That’s really the opposite of what you should be thinking. Linking out to other blogs is crucial to establishing credibility of your own content. It helps you to provide value to your readers and it even looks more natural to Google if you link out to good content.

In case you’re not convinced, here are some more reasons why you should be linking out from your blog.

Become A Useful Resource

By linking out to the best resources on your chosen topic, you provide your readers with multiple viewpoints and info about that topic.  Lets say I am writing a blog post about Genesis Theme.  Then you should post good Genesis Theme resources.

Get Linked To Back

If you link out to other pages on your topic, the site you link to will often get notified of this via the trackback mechanism. This will help you get on the radar of other bloggers, and if your content is good, could result in you getting a link back from that blog.

Ana Hoffman is a good example of someone who does this.  If you provide a link to her site Traffic Generation Cafe, then she will often feature your mention in one of her weekly link roundups.

Improving Your SEO

Linking out to other blogs is natural. If you never link out, then Google sees that as unnatural and that could hurt your rankings. Instead, link out to great resources (when possible) and that will make your website look more valuable.


It never hurts to link out to a great resource. So make sure to do it whenever you can.