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Do you want to work in British Columbia? What makes you want to work there? Is it the compensation, the benefits, the environment, or the advancement opportunities?

Canada and British Columbia are fast making waves as one of the top destinations of overseas workers from all parts of the globe, specifically from the developing countries. But before you make the decision to join in the brood of Canadian employment hopefuls, here are some things you have to learn first:

Are there Job Openings in Canada Right Now?

While numbers certainly fluctuate, only 5.9% of BC’s population is unemployed (as opposed to Canada’s average of 6.9%)*. So, Canada has opened its shores to prospective employees from outside the country.

What Are the Most In-demand Jobs in British Columbia

Right now, Canada is in need of skilled or blue-collared workers, particularly in their construction sites and in their oil companies. To be exact, there are openings for carpenters, welders, bricklayers, tool and die makers, shinglers, roofers, and oil and gas workers.

Of course, there are also openings for professional or white-collar positions such as engineers and nurses, as well as the more specific foodservice industry professions such as chefs and cooks.

What Documents are Needed to be Able to Work in Canada?

Requirements may vary, but the two most important are your work permit and your nine-digit Social Insurance Number or SIN. Both can be secured by contacting the Citizenship and Immigration Department if you are a Canadian resident.

For overseas applicants, you have to get in touch with your country or region’s Canadian embassy or consulate. White-collar job openings might require more documents from the applicant, such as registration certificate and license.

*June 2016